• Visit us: Oosteinde 51 | 2548 AK Den Haag
  • A professional and modern dental clinic in Den Haag
    Dental clinic Wateringse Veld is a modern dental clinic. The address of our dental clinic: Oosteinde 51 | 2548 AK Den Haag

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    • Our team

    • Darsh Baidwan


      I have got over 10 years experience as a dentist and I am the owner of dental clinic Wateringse Veld. I understand that patients are not comfortable with a new dentist during every visit.
      In our clinic you will always be treated by one dentist with a small and passionate team.
      I have many years experience in treating anxious patients.

    • Auke Postma


      Your wishes and your (oral) health are central.
      In order to provide you with optimal care and to keep abreast of scientific developments,
      I take extensive in-service training,
      and register it with the KRT. In addition to general dentistry,
      I have special affinity with endodontology, or the treatment of the root canal.
      I graduate in dentistry at the ACTA (University of Amsterdam) in 2009.
      I work at a dental practice at Wateringseveld on Monday and Thursday.

      Bignummer: 29911057702

    • Mila van der Ploeg

      Dental Hygienist/Practice manager

      I work three days a week as a dental hygienist at dental practice Wateringseveld. As a dental hygienist, I treat gum disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis. In addition, I focus also on preventive care, because prevention is better than cure!

    • Gurmukh Singh


      Working 1 day a week

    • Sidra Kanwal

      Prevention assistent

      Working 2 days a week

    • Warsha Binda

      Dental assistent

      My job as a dental assistant is to assist the dentist during the treatments.
      I am caring and I give extra attention to the patients.

    • Zubeyde Aktas

      Dental assistent

      Working 4 days a week

    • Asiba Jalal

      Dental assistant

      Working 1 day a week

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